The article was an outcome of ‘introspective conversations’ about post-MBA career possibilities with Ricardo Braz, a great friend and my esteemed colleague at The Lisbon MBA

A robust Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) sector enhances the economic prosperity of a nation. It, in many ways, weaves its socioeconomic fabric.

From creation of jobs and boosting GDP, to shaping social clusters around their periphery, SMEs are often a defining aspect of a nation’s entrepreneurial identity. Institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and the OECD have drawn a great deal of attention on the critical importance of SMEs in economic development & better wealth distribution.

Yet, rarely do these companies/outfits enjoy the influence of large enterprises or the agility of startups.

As Covid-19 ravages the global…

Imagine waking up one fine day to find out that you have been knighted for being a ‘Speed Dragon Slayer’; or, you have been rewarded a badge of honour as ‘Law Abiding Citizen #1’ in your neighbourhood. Even better, you receive the option of free tickets to a game or discount coupons from your favorite pizzeria on a match day.

These could be some of the perks of adhering to the speed limits in your city, without violating any, for an extended period of time.

Such positive reinforcements for motorists, motivating them to mindfully reduce violation of traffic laws, can…

Data is both, the ‘chicken’ and the ‘egg’ in Marketing. For those with a penchant to explore deeper, the statement may trigger a rigorous pursuit of disciplines, as varied as anthropology and neuroscience.

It may even be a juxtaposition, suggesting that both are meant to coexist — while chicken and egg are elementarily different, within every chicken there potentially is an egg, that can come into existence.

Similarly, for the Marketeer, an input data, coupled with a corresponding marketing action, leads to the creation of an output data that is correlated, based on the marketing input.

For my proactive brethren…

Sumantra Basu

Marketing | MarTech | MarComm | Entrepreneur

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